Outré Oeuvre

Hallowed Ground is a collection of Gothic and Lovecraftian short stories, poems, and essays set in idyllic Minnesota frontier towns, remote Irish fishing villages, a city carved from a decaying giant's corpse, and other vistas both familiar and foreign. Explore themes of place, humanity, identity, and things with too many teeth. Learn what fairies are really like and how a hanged man can give you phenomenal cosmic knowledge in just twelve easy payments if you call today! It's like Lovecraft but without the racism, or Bram Stoker with a sense of humor.

Hallowed Ground is available in both physical and digital forms.

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Abyss Blinked is a collection of semi-autobiographical poems about crippling depression, failed romance, and society’s moral turpitude. If you have ever felt that literature takes Important Topics like suicide or consumer culture too seriously, this book is for you. (Probably. Maybe.) Inside, you will find award-winning* poems such as “Best Read in a Heath Ledger Voice,” “Morbid Saint,” and “Also I Taste Kind of Awful.”

*I never said who gave the award.

Abyss Blinked is available in both physical and digital forms.