Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Silent Host: Chaos Spawn

Ah, these guys. They were a pain to build. See. Normal Chaos Spawn look derpy. So I said to myself, "Greg, you wanted to paint some Primaris marines, and the person you play the most has like, three different armies of them. Why not make your own Chaos Spawn depicting their spirit being ripped out to serve you, rather than your opponent?"

So I did that, and it was a pain. Those ghosts? Would NOT stay together. Like balancing toothpicks on top of each other. And getting convincing-looking points where they could emerge from the Primaris marines? Annoying. So annoying.

The good news is, Primaris marines are really easy to paint. So there's that, I guess. And while these models were intended to be monopose, I think I did a good job of making them look like casualties (or impending casualties). Which is nice, I guess.

Anyway. I don't think you need a tutorial on how to paint three entirely different color schemes. Or, more accurately, I don't remember what I used for the Marine color schemes. They're all in pretty standard Space Wolves (baby blue), Ultramarines (...ultramarine blue), and Raven Guard (guess, just guess) colors.

As for the spirits? That's easy.
Prime with whatever Cheap White Primer from Walmart you have
Wash with Druchii Violet
Heavily drybrush with Baharroth Blue

Bits used to build:
Easy-to-build Primaris Intercessors
Nighthaunt Spirit Hosts