Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A (Communist?) Manifesto

Last week, I made a deal. Not with the devil (that was last YEAR), but with myself. I'm going to improve who I am, in a lot of different ways. Work out. Read about science and technology and legal issues. Write more--a lot more. You know, the standard New Year's resolutions.

There was one major thing I vowed, though. I'm going to burn through all my accumulated media detritus. The books, the games, the movies, the music, the comics, in their digital and physical forms. It all adds up. Dead weight in my life. It's time to trim down. So I'm going to consume every last bit of my media. All of it. There's a lot. Not only that, but I'm going to chronicle the task.

Now. It's pretty presumptuous to for me to believe anyone will want to read this blog. But, well... I'm crazy, okay?

So this is it. This here chunk of electronic real estate is where I'll record what I'm up to. Maybe someone will read it. Maybe not. Doesn't matter to me.

Don't expect perfection--I'm not doing this for money. Or for fame, or any of that stuff. I'm doing this because I can. Because some dumb part of me wants to leave a little mark on the world. Maybe this is my way. Who knows?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the ride. I plan to.