Saturday, July 11, 2015

Backlog Blitz: NES, Week 21, "The Super Show!"

Woo! It certainly is a super day today! It's the first day of my first vacation of this summer, and I'm feeling, well, super! That feeling will quickly fade as I realize that without the structure work provides my pitiful life, I'm horribly lost and bored, but for now, let's talk about some NES games with "Super" in the title! Because today is super! *forced grin*

Super C
HAHAHAHAHAHA CONTRA WITH WORSE GRAPHICS AND A FASTER PACE. I love it. It’s like a more run-and-gun OG Contra. In the original I moved at a cautious but determined pace. Here I bull-rush. And it’s awesome. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA CAN’T OUTSMART BOOOOLEEEEET.

Super Mario Bros.
Come on. You think I’ll badmouth Mario? (He’d break-a my kneecaps! Mama mia!) This game rocks! It feels sacrilegious to play this on an emulator. I should be playing this on a yellowing NES controller. But my NES broke, so that’s not a choice, sadly. Anyway… Look. We all know what Super Mario Bros. is and why it rocks. I’m gonna save my breath. 

Super Mario Bros. 2
I know this fits oddly into Super Mario Bros. canon, given that it isn’t ACTUALLY a SMB game, but I still enjoyed it. It’s reminiscent of Paper Mario a bit, and I appreciate that. The exploration element is cool, too. Switching into shadow world to get power-ups, running away from that mask-face guy oh geez no please no oh go—I’d say this is the Zelda 2: Adventure of Link of the NES Marios: A great game, but compared to the rest of the games in the series it feels a bit…off.

Super Mario Bros. 3
This game and Super Mario World defined 2D Mario for me as a kid. Screw the other two NES Mario Bros. games. I played the SNES version of this constantly. The controls, the level maps, the powerups… It felt like everything had been massively refined from previous entries. Best of the NES Mario games, by far and away.

Super Pitfall
The Angry Video Game Nerd played this once. Why didn’t I listen to him? I should have believed him. I should have believed… Insteadeath the minute I enter the cave. A jump so floaty and laggy it’s like basketball on the moon. Horrible controls. Just. UGH. That’s all I have to say. Ugh. UGGGGGGHHHH.