Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cool Stuff Sunday: "DDOS and Fallout"

There's a lot of cool stuff on the internet. I find it, because I spend way too much of my free time online. Time was, I had whole folders of bookmarks labeled "Interesting Things." (Not to be confused with the folder labeled "Interesting Thongs"). So I've decided to share my treasures, a roundup of everything that's caught my eye that week. Some of it will be familiar to you, some of it may be new. Let's explore, friends. Click the enlinkened words to go to the original article or site.

Randy Pitchford tries to defend Aliens: Colonial Marines, fails.

Right-Wing American Pastor goes to Scandinavia, is horrified

Type like a hacker. It's how I look busy at work. 

Fake Nintendo smartphone. Is it sad I'd buy one?

A translation of the Dark Souls: Design Works book's interview, if you don't own the book. It's really fascinating. If you like Dark Souls, check it out. The Dark Souls Limbo mod is terrifying and beautiful

The call of the Great Potoo owl. Play this at your next Halloween party. 

A site where you can slap a man with an eel in slow motion. Over and over again. 

A map of ongoing DDOS attacks. It's still in progress, but it's amazing to watch. Stick it up on a big screen and look like you're some sort of uber-hacker. I also do this at work. 

Bunnies nuzzling. It's adorable. 

Film Crit Hulk talking about Kingsman: The Secret Service and how it's not just a dumb blockbuster action movie. Go watch Kingsman, then read this

Cthulhu journals, if, like me, you want to write the next Necronomicon. Currently sold out, but awesome. 

Ewan McGregor choosing his lightsaber for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Twitter pitches terrible Nintendo games. 

Darkest Dungeon is an amazing game with amazing, Mike Mignola-themed art. Buy the game, buy Hellboy, read this article

Cyanide and Happiness wrote a comic about the effects of suicide. It's actually good. 

Awesome movie stills to be your next wallpaper

A man turned his house into a cat playground

Game Informer talks about their perfect Jurassic Park game. I threw money at the screen. 

A dude made a period-authentic box for WWII rifles. 

You're probably not the "nice guy" you think you are. 

Fallout Shelter is coming to Android. A Fallout anthology is coming soon. Game Informer got to look at Fallout 4. Same-sex romance is confirmed in Fallout 4. 

Unfortunately, this mod lets you be the High King of Skyrim

A collection of .gifs featuring people who embody "I meant to do that!"

Sacred and Profane, a cool roleplay site, is coming back!