Saturday, August 29, 2015

Backlog Blitz: Super Nintendo, Week One, "Aero the AcroBatman"

Wow. It's on to the Super Nintendo games, huh? That's scary. I'm running out of buffer here, to be honest. When my computer was being fixed, I fell massively behind on playing old games. Or any games. So yeah. I gotta get back on that. 


So basically this is two different games in one. One game is a side-scrolling action-platformer like a clunkier Castlevania. The other is a top-down shooter/sim god game. Both are pretty solid, though the platformer side has some weird control issue where if you don’t hit ONLY down while crouching, you stand up, usually right into an enemy attack. 

The sim side has a cool deal where you can get more worshippers to increase your power when you go into the sidescroller segments. Also you’re a naked cherub for…reasons. Honestly, the god sim part is way more fun than the sidescroller, with its BS knockback, clunky controls, and awful bosses. I’d rather watch my towns grow up and see them on the world map. I like the sound. It’s not annoying and blends into the background nicely. The graphics… The sidescrolling segments have great boss and enemy design. But the top-down stuff is kind of ugly, reminiscent more of NES than Super Nintendo. This is quite the mixed bag.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Really? Really? You had so much going for you. An awesome art style, more buttons so I can jump and attack and switch items and use items, but you went and ruined it by making this incredibly clunky. There’s a segment where you have to walljump. It’s taken me dozens of tries because the input is sketchy. And Batman has no dive kick? No angle kicks? Nothing? BAH. BAH I SAY. 

Aero the AcroBat

Ugh. Puns. They drive me…batty. Also, this is just a lame Sonic ripoff. The controls are just…weird. I get that it’s meant to be a platformer, but giving me no flight and a weird angular double-jump that doesn’t control right makes no sense. Bats can FLY, yo! FLY. Also, I hate circus music so much after playing this. It *blood spews from ears* The graphics, Aero’s attitude, the level design… This all just screams “LAME SANIC RIPOFF.” It’s pretty bad.