Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cool Stuff Sunday: "A Bunch of Medieval Stuff and Things"

It's SUNDAY! I'm hyped up on caffeine and sugar and french toast, so let's talk about cool stuff while my fingers fly across the keyboard like an over-excited lemur! METAPHORS.

It's a guitar. And a working Game Boy. Check it

Dr. Who is ditching the sonic screwdriver in favor of...sunglasses? BLASPHEMEEEEEE!

These dudes are good at saber sparring. Like, really good. 

It's the little things in video games. Like color-coded towns in Gen 1 Pokemon

A Knight's Tale wasn't an amazing movie, but the Geoffrey Chaucer character is pretty excellent

The Wake uses historical 11th-Century English. It's...a thing

Got dice? Need to make a city for a D&D game? Here you go.

How to make wall art out of video games.  

Making an HD remake of a great game? Don't screw it up. Here's how

Turn on your 3DS with a Rube Goldberg contraption

These bookstores are amazing. 

The Book of Kells is beautiful. I've seen it in person, and also handled a reproduction. But if you aren't planning to visit Ireland anytime soon, check it out online

Want to know how Shakespeare would have pronounced his plays? Watch this