Saturday, October 10, 2015

Backlog Blitz: SNES, Week Six, "The Death of a Good Series"

I just fried up some delicious potatoes, and earlier I set up a Raspberry Pi to emulate old games, so I'm in a good mood to talk about retro gaming. Let's get to it!

The Death and Return of Superman

Okay. I’m about to say things which may sound negative. Only some are. The controls are tanklike—which feels right for this bulky Supes. The graphics are bright—this is a comic game, so… That said, the materiel might benefit from gravitas… The Boy Scout feels underpowered. At one point you fight human mooks and it takes fifteen punches to take them down. Similarly, since when does Superman take damage from bullets and molotovs? Overall this just feels very…bland. Just like most licensed games, I suppose.

Demon’s Crest

Remember that NES game I hated? Gargoyle’s Quest? This is literally that game, only good. Undead dragons, a gargoyle with wallclimb and flight, good controls, solid soundtrack… The art is good, not Super Castlevania levels of lush Gothicism, but good all the same. The bosses are very Castlevania-esque, but also remind me of Dark Souls a bit. Overall this is quite fun. I wonder if people think of this version when they say that Gargoyle’s Quest is a good game? Because Gargoyle’s Quest was awful, but this game is excellent. 

Donkey Kong Country

Oh, yeah! I love these games! The music is amazing, first off. The platforming is top-notch, Mario tier. Controls are great. The graphics are excellent, even if they do look a bit Vaseline-smeared for some reason. The game—no, series—has loads of charm and character. It’s…There’s very little I can say negatively here. Loads of secrets, collectibles galore, water levels that are actually fun…

Donkey Kong Country II: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Everything good about the previous game, only with new characters, levels and mechanics, and a bit of fine-tuning.
Donkey Kong Country III

Gonna be honest here. This game isn't as fun as the previous two in the series. Music, graphics, world layout, nothing is quite as good. It's cool to play as Chunky Kong but that's about it. Overall this just doesn't have the spark of the previous two games.