Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Reflection: "The Sun Goes Down on Galway Bay..."

It's been a pretty good year, 2015 has. Lots of big life junk happening, some awesome, some bittersweet. 

Gustavus finally kicked me out--something about "completing major requirements" and "four year college" and "graduation." I wasn't paying much attention. Parted ways with a lot of great people that made the whole experience wonderful. I miss all of them. 

Left Gustavus Tech Services behind, too. Would have worked there forever if I could have, but again, something about "student employment" and "you can't live in the ceiling tiles." It was a great place to work, taught me a lot, and everyone there are freaking saints for putting up with me. GTS homies, GTS fo' lyfe and beyond! I'm sure my horcruxes will be tormenting them for years to come. (Or at least until they find the last few. Don't ask why I had that many photos of myself printed. It's not a path of inquiry you want to go down.)

Wrote a book. Well, a collection of short stories and poems. It's called Hallowed Ground. It's a thing, and was tons of fun to write and proof and format and... Okay, it was tons of fun to write. (Shameless plug--Info about Hallowed Ground here:

Now? I'm working IT for a tax company. We do tax stuff. That's about all I know. I just work there. It's challenging, interesting, and always something new. Every now and again I still write. 

I realized that, a couple years ago, I was getting ready to travel to Ireland. I miss Ballyvaughan and Galway, and the people I traveled with. (Even if my reflection essay was gloomy gus.) That month is one of the best of my life. Some day I'll go back, and watch the sun go down on Galway Bay...

Anyway, happy new year, everyone. May it be filled with peace, joy, and wonder.