Friday, July 27, 2018

The Silent Host: Heldrake - Yarak, Stooping to Devour

Diving precipitously from the sky onto unsuspecting prey, Yarak unleashes gouts of baleflame and rends with dreadful claws. Its cry is the shriek of tortured souls, the shadow of its wings the cold chill of death.

Those whom the shadow passes over breathe a sigh of relief, that some other mortal has been chosen to die for the delight of the once-man which motivates this twisted metallic demon.

Now, if only Heldrakes were better... I'll be honest, I didn't try too hard with ol' Yarak. I've never run this model, and it's possible I never will. Still, looks good on my desk.

Really hard to get good photos of something with a foot-plus wingspan, so...Deal with it. It was a long week, so this is kind of a filler post before Magnus the Red next week, and the full army after that. Have another picture. Bye.

Look, it's the same colors as for the Forgefiend. Go back a few posts. Look at that. You're welcome.

Seriously tho. It was a really long week. This is just padding so the post doesn't look weird. I really just want to go play Breath of the Wild. Ok? Happy? Bye.