Saturday, May 25, 2013

The First Delvers: A Stonepeople Creation Myth

(Just a little something inspired by 4Chan's traditional games board. I might actually make a story/novel out of it someday, but for now, there's this.)

"In the beginning, there was stone. And the god looked upon it, and saw it was good. And the good stretched out his hand to carve the stone in the image of male and female. Finishing his work, the god breathed life into the stone, and the stone moved and lived. These were Snorri and Sif, first of the Stonepeople. And the god blessed them, sending them forth to delve. And they delved, and it was good. They procreated, and it was good. In time, the Stonepeople flourished, and it was good.

But after many generations, they began to delve deep. In time, they delved too deeply, awakening That Which Should Not Be. And there was darkness in the stone. With fire and shadow That Which Should Not Be purged the Stonepeople, slaying and maiming. There was desolation in the stone. Until at last Snorri and Sif took up arms and struck down That Which Should Not Be. But as the shadow fell, so fell Snorri and Sif.

From that day hence, we of the Stonepeople delve not deeply. Thus ends my tale."