Saturday, November 7, 2015

Backlog Blitz: SNES, Week Ten, "I Should Start Playing Old Games Again..."

Ugh. I'm freaking tired as freak. Stayed up until 2AM playing D&D with some dudes. It was pretty dang fun. Investigated a serious of mysterious deaths, accidentally killed a mayor, spent four hours frantically covering it up and not investigating the deaths, botched the actual investigation and unleashed an all-consuming demon, and then nearly screwed up banishing the bloody thing. It was great. Anyway, old games. 

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Well, this is basically Final Fantasy meets A Link To the Past. It's not half-bad. I like it.

Gradius 3

This is basically Gradius with better graphics and slightly clunkier controls. I still love it.

Harvest Moon

It's good to see that Harvest Moon hasn't fundamentally changed since the first game. Graphics are good, music is incredibly aggravating, overall mechanics are solid.

Illusion of Gaia

I don't know what deals with devils Enix made, but all of their NES/SNES/PS1 output is pretty dang solid. This is by far my least favorite Enix title on SNES, but it's still pretty good. The story is pretty standard, so is the music. My main problem is with the art style. it just seems... off.