Friday, June 29, 2018

The Silent Host: Rhino-Class Vehicles

As the Rhino-class transports Nascentes Morimur and Memento Mori rumble across the battlefield, they are supported from afar by their Predator-class cousin, Omnia Mors Aequat. Once the Rhinos reach their destination and disgorge their deadly payloads of Rubricae, the Predator tank turns its undivided attention to crippling enemy emplacements.

I chose to depict the three vehicles here as being from three distinct eras. (With the caveat that Predators are really fun and I want more.) One Rhino bears emblems reminiscent of pre-Horus Heresy Thousand Sons, while the other bears the marks of post-Heresy Thousand Sons. The Predator tank is unmarked, perhaps salvaged from a Loyalist Space Marine legion or otherwise acquired.

Wherever possible, I tried to use the same color motifs and placement. For example, both Rhinos share their grey accent-stripe with the Predator. However, the Predator tank is both a much darker blue, but it also carries much more grey (and much less copper). I had two reasons for this choice. One, I was sick of painting vehicles Thousand Sons Blue. Two, I wanted to make the Predator visually distinct, even from a distance. The darker blue sets it apart as clearly a different class of vehicle.

One thing I would like to do is go back and improve the "smoke" effect on the exhausts, as I think they can be better.


Thousand Sons Blue
Thousand Sons Blue
Nuln Oil
Ahriman Blue

Balthasar Gold
Agrax Earthshade
Hashut Copper

Mechanicus Standard Grey
Nuln Oil

Nuln Oil
Necron Compound (drybrushed)

Dark Blue
Kantor Blue
Nuln Oil
Alaitoc Blue

Abaddon Black
Eshin Grey