Friday, July 20, 2018

The Silent Host: Raptors - The Jhatorat

Swooping down from the sky, jetpacks exhausting cold blue flame, the small, elite cult of Jhatorat assault troops are a remnant of the Silent Host's pre-Heresy days. Once, the Jhatorat formed only a portion of the vanguard of the Silent Host's strike forces. Now, only a single squad remains, four dusty automatons and a single sorcerous master, bound together by psychic might and undying aggression.

So the truth is, I can't actually RUN these models in my army. They are no longer a legal troop choice. Which is unfortunate, but did let me speed up the painting process a good bit. You might notice there is no use of edge highlighting, and very little layering. This is intentional. It meant I could move on to the next unit of (legal) models much more quickly.

Standard color scheme here, nothing too fancy. The usual color philosophy as well - Copper for elite troops, black for the sorcerer, all the rest standard for my army. One thing to note is the bone color used -- I love this combination for getting a very realistic bone color. Basically, it's a cream color with a sepia wash over.


Abaddon Black

Thousand Sons Blue
Thousand Sons Blue
Nuln Oil

Dark Blue
Kantor Blue
Nuln Oil

Rakarth Flesh
Seraphim Sepia

Balthasar Gold
Agrax Earthshade

Nuln Oil

Mechanicus Standard Grey
Nuln Oil