Saturday, June 11, 2016

Backlog Blitz: Genesis, Week Six, "Ex-Mutants? More Like...Yeah, I Got Nothing."

It has been a hectic, tiring, ugly week. So let's talk about hectic, tiring, ugly video games! This can't possibly contribute to my spiraling depression and desire to take a long walk off a short pier! No siree! Hahahahahahahahaha ha ha... ha...... ha.......... haaaa......

Earthworm Jim

I don't know... It's alright, I guess? The art style is excellent, but the gameplay, particularly the combat and platforming, aren't exactly stellar. I


How do you make a game this bad by accident? HOW? It's bad on so many levels I don't think I could stand to dissect it... Like, I genuinely don't want to even think about this game.


A really twitchy version of Star Fox with mechs? I guess? It's... A thing.

Final Fight / Fatal Fury

I think we've established that I'm a pretty terrible judge of fighting games. That said, this seems competent enough on all fronts. Except the sound, which is pretty grating.

Fatal Labryinth

I love games that play themselves. By which I mean I loathe games that play themselves. This is one such game. As far as I can tell the only control I have over the game is where I move my character. No control in combat, no nothing. Why?

Fatal Rewind

Man. I don't even know what this game was. Was it fun? Not really sure. Was it good? Not really sure. It was a thing I am confused by. It's like a vertically-scrolling platformer/shooter? I guess?