Monday, June 6, 2016

Music Roundup Monday: "I'm Good and Hostile, and I'll Make the Accusation"

Every day I read the news and see stories about rape. And it enrages me. I'm not a particularly good person. I'm creepy, prone to anger, involved in hobbies that deal with subject material that can get pretty heavy/dark. (All I'm missing is a neckbeard, fedora, and trenchcoat to round out the "generic crime show villain" checklist).  And yet, SOMEHOW, I've managed not to sexually assault anybody. That's a pretty low bar. And yet. Every day I see men who fail even that low requirement for basic human decency. And I wonder to myself if being devoured by Dread Cthulhu is be too good for these vile wastes of flesh. But you came here to listen to music. Let's do that instead. Otherwise I'm gonna want a shower and I already took one. 

Ryan Adams - "Blossom"

Bad Religion - "Voice of God is Government"

Billy Bragg and Wilco - "Eisler On the Go"

King Buzzo - "Good and Hostile"

Nico Vega - "Beast"

Ayreon - "The Accusation"

Slough Feg - "Tiger! Tiger!"