Sunday, January 24, 2016


Dark Souls III info has been leaking/being released lately. This makes me excited. Gothic fantasy RPG, third part of a stellar series? Count me in!

A very dedicated person has cut all three of the Hobbit movies into a single four-hour film. 

Ewoks are terrifying. Really terrifying

Dark Souls comic? YES. 

Changes to the magic system in Dark Souls III? YES. 

Making a dungeon to crawl? Here's what it should have. 

Leaked Dark Souls III concept art? YES. 

The evolution of British military gear. 

An old article about why "Death Magnetic" sounded so awful. 

This interview with Jar Jar Binks is kind of sad... 

What if Obi-Wan was Padme's lover

Gorgeous illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe's stories. 

Why aren't you playing Darkest Dungeon?

Bookstores are beautiful

Rey is Anakin? 0.o

And apparently the Addams Family living room was pink...