Saturday, January 30, 2016

Worm Fodder: Jantine Bas'Var

Jantine was a turning point in my RPG characters. I'm not saying Muster Chuff or Jimmy Fuentes were entirely my fault--Commissar Galt was a well-role-played character--since how I played them was partially influenced by the group, but there was still a fair amount of blame to be placed on me. Jantine, though, was for a small 2-player one-shot game, and if she had turned out poorly, it would have been 100% on me. Thankfully, she was fun to play, and made me realize that I could play characters that were "weird" but not WEIRD.

NAME: Jantine Bas'Var

SYSTEM: Star Wars D20 (Wizards of the Coast)

LIFESPAN: Survived campaign.

ABOUT: A shapeshifter, with a preferred  form of a Wookiee. In all forms, had filed teeth. For more social dealings, used the form of an orange-skinned humanoid. Rebel sympathizer and ne'er-do-well. Possessed a mercenary mindset, but abhorred slavery.

NOTABLE FEATS: Terrorizing too many cab drivers to count; preventing a Sith-influenced plot to destroy the great Dr'Gog Tree which bound a planet together; exposing a slavery ring; starting a turf war; attempting to lift someone in Geonosian form and failing miserably.

CAUSE OF DEATH: Survived campaign. Given Rebel sympathies and shapeshifting abilities, probably assisted Rebels. May have died during Rebellion.