Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wandery Wednesday: "Uffda"

It has been a very long day. Everything started so beautifully. A nice slow morning, all the tickets in the queue getting resolved with alacrity... Then the bloody phone system went down. Suffice to say we were being underprovided with bandwidth for 250 people in the midst of our call center's busy season. Aaaaand guess who is the self-appointed phone maestro? Yep. Me. The idiot. 

Anyway! Outside of that it's been a good week. Finished up the second drafts of poems for a collection I've been working on -- "Abyss Blinked." It's in the hands of people who will call a spade a spade, unless it's a trowel. 

On Monday night I started combing through H.P. Lovecraft's commonplace book, trying to match up story ideas with his published stories, see if I can decipher anything about the thought process that went into which stories he ended up writing. It's quite fascinating so far. He didn't always pick the ideas I would have...

Oh, and tonight I cut 1.5 minutes of my mile time. Normally, a ten-minute mile is is around my comfort zone. I can go faster, but my knees and ankles start complaining. (On that note, skateboarding and snowboarding are terrible for your knees, ankles, and back, kids. Also they're a good source of concussions. What was I saying? Oh, right...) Anyway. Tonight I kicked out three 8.5-minute miles, with the same level of exertion. Which is...good? Right? 

Food's ready and the missing pieces of my Lego Millennium Falcon are here. Goodbye.