Saturday, January 16, 2016

Backlog Blitz: SNES, Week Thirteen, "Mechs and Kombat and Vikings, Oh Myyyyyy..."

It was a long week. Now it's time to stay inside and stay warm as the temperatures drop below zero and keep dropping. Thank goodness for blankets and snacks and internet. Especially snacks and internet... 

The Lost Vikings

Now, admittedly, I’m not good at puzzle games. But I did enjoy this. The three-character swapping always makes for an interesting mechanic. The music was good, very electronic. Can’t say anything BAD about the graphics… I guess, for me, it boiled down to not quite getting the controls. Like, how do I pick a different item out of my inventory? No clue.


Okay. This seems really cool. But here’s my problem. You know how a lot of old-school RPGs do the whole thing where you start really powerful and then get that taken away? Lufia does that, only instead of the villains taking a few seconds to crush you, it’s taken like 15 minutes. Like, this feels like a death march. I know that my current set of heroes is going to lose. That’s a given. So why doesn’t the game just get it over with? Other than that, this seems like a pretty bog-standard RPG. 


So this is pretty amazing. Psueudo-3D mech-based combat with upgrade paths, contracts, a story, NPC, good graphics for the time, decent music, intuitive controls… Look. I would sing this game’s praises for a long time if I could. It just feels…right. Everything clicks, and I was having fun even as I was trying to piece together how things worked. (Seriously, the one good thing about modern game tutorials is that if you lose the instructions you can always count on having a refresher course. Trying to figure out the intricacies of, say, The Lost Vikings without an instruction book for specifics is…detrimental to the whole process.) Anyway, I really like MechWarrior. But I’ve always loved mech games, so maybe I’m biased.

Mega Man 7

Look. It’s Mega Man. What do you want me to say about this that I haven’t said about the previous six games?

Mortal Kombat

Ehhhhhhhhh. It’s…look. It’s Mortal Kombat. We’ve established that I’m not a big fighting game fan, but this is pretty much the classic fighting game, so… The animation is kind of endearing, the sound is solid, the fights are okay… A lot of the really iconic characters look stupid though.