Saturday, January 30, 2016

Backlog Blitz: SNES, Week Fifteen, "Bad Aircraft, Good Spacecraft."

I quit eating candy recently. It's...not going smoothly. I really really really want candy right now. Do you have candy, mister? Seriously, though. Send me Skittles. I need them. In the mean time, let's talk about old games, mmkay?


Landing a plane should not be this hard in a game. Seriously, I’ve crashed every single time. The problem is that because of the graphics and depth-of-field, you can’t tell how high or how far away you are from something. Now, skydiving, I’m pretty good at that. But I’ve been stuck on the tutorial plane segment for quite a while. Pilotwings 64? That was my jam. This? Not so much.  

Pirates of Dark Water

I don’t know much about this TV series, but all I know is that they could have made a much better game than a mediocre 2d\D brawler. Graphics are mediocre, combat is average at best, sound is incredibly annoying, controls are the trash you expect with this sort of game…

Prehistorik Man

Heh. I like this. It’s goofy and well-executed—controls are good, sound is chipper, platforming is challenging but not ridiculous, graphics are competent… Leaving aside the historical issues with hamburgers existing alongside sabretooth tigers, this is great. 

R-Type III

Even though I’m pretty trash at shmups, I still love them. And this is a very good side-scrolling shmup. The powerups are cool, the varied weapon abilities are fun, the graphics and sound are good, the controls are fluid…