Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cool Stuff Sunday: "Murder Hobo is a Legitimate Profession and Don't Let Your DM Tell You Otherwise."

Hello. It's Sunday, also known as my least-productive day of the week. Today, I will write this blog and then lapse into a vegetative coma until Monday morning. It will be a good day. Truly, life is good.

Polygon has a pretty good explanation of why no one remembers the Jedi. 

Lego bricks are now a better investment than shares or gold. I KNEW IT. 

Two articles on MMOs that should have died long ago but are still on life support

H.P. Lovecraft's commonplace book of ideas. 

Why rulers like murder hobos in RPGs. 

Rock Paper Shotgun's list of anime for people who don't like anime. Somewhat accurate.