Saturday, April 16, 2016

Backlog Blitz: Master System, Week Eight, "Can I Stop Now?"

I've got like one more week of Master System games to slog through. Never have I been so happy to be done playing a system's games. I would literally rather play those cheap handheld Tiger Electronics games than most of the games in the Master System's library. That bad. Anyway, I'm posting this blog, then I'm looking for places to submit poetry, then I'm playing Dark Souls III. Just assume I'm always playing Dark Souls III, really.


It’s Ikari Warriors only worse and with terrible gameplay and overall awfulness. 


I would argue this is the best Godzilla game ever made. Well, the arcade version is. This is still pretty solid. 


Well, the combination of a turret shooter and a land-management Tetris game is surprisingly addictive. 

Shadow of the Beast

Credit where it's due, the sprite art in this game is great. The game, though, is a garbage fire. 


Well this is basically a slower, clunkier, ninja-themed Contra. I am not impressed at all.