Friday, April 1, 2016

Last Month's Games: "Guns Don't Work Like That"

I, uh, need to read some books, or watch some movies, or something. I'm a bit low in the book and movie review department. Anyway. My eyes hurt. I think I'm straining them by staring at a screen too much. No, really. Anyway. Anyway. Anyway. Anyway. *hits record player* Let's talk about video games. 


This is a game where you have to press a key for every step of firing a gun. Which is cute and an interesting idea that would probably work pretty well with one of those old arcade light gun games. It doesn't work so well with a keyboard and mouse. Particularly if you actually shoot guns and know the hand movements for reloading, taking the safety off, etc... Also, the graphics make shooting anything very difficult. Honestly, using the gun in this game is harder than actually firing one in real life, which is saying something. Guns don't work like that. 

Not a Hero

This game is great. It's twitchy, cover-based 2D combat with a variety of characters. The plot is just ludicrous enough to work, the graphics are the GOOD kind of retro, the gameplay is very tight, the challenges make things addictive and rewarding, the controls are overall quite solid (the occasional slide instead of cover aside), the music is chiptuney and bearable... Lot of fun. The boss fight cutscene in the final level is aggravating, but that's my primary complaint. 


The cameos are funny, I guess. But the gameplay is more frustrating to me than fun. Which isn't how it should be, neh?  It's just not that great. It's not bad, just not...great. Solid, maybe. Also, for some reason, the intended-to-be-humorous jingoistic overtones kind of grated the wrong way. 

Our Darker Purpose

Tim Burton made a clunkier, more Tim Burtonesque version of Binding of Isaac. This is it. It's not as good as Binding of Isaac, but if you're desperate... 

Rogue Legacy

Great music, decent graphics, good controls, solid roguelike platformer. I take a bit of issue with having to give up all earned gold to enter the dungeon again. it feels a bit...difficult, even very early on. Overall, though, no huge complaints.