Friday, April 15, 2016

Last Month's Games: "Decidedly Undecided"

Oh hey. Next month's reviews are going to be two games: Dark Souls III and Saints Row IV. Both great games in their own way. Really really loving Dark Souls III. Just beat the first Lord of Cinder, and pushing for the next one tonight. Ohhhhh yeah. Yeah. WOO. Let's talk about games.

Super Meat Boy

(I wrote this review while slightly soused. I have left the review unedited because even after a few drinks I'm still a decent reviewer. Mostly I just don't use proper punctuation). 
this game is incredibly fun. however, I am only good at it if I've been drinking. don't ask why, i don't know either. graphics, sound, controls, platforming, everything is locked down tiiiiiight. it's great. there's a fluidity to everything you do and stringing together parkour-type runs to get bandages or the A+ rank mixes skill and puzzle equally. the design--level and boss--is gross but also really inspired and innovative. 


First off, the cut-out, papercraft artstyle is gorgeous and I love it. As the title implies, this game merges Dark Souls, Redwall, and a top-down view. When the game is firing on all cylinders, this mixture is quite good. When the game is NOT good, though, it's incredibly frustrating. There is a feeling of unfairness quite frequently, and I felt like I was getting caught by surprise all of the time. Usually in Dark Souls when I die I know it's coming, whereas this just felt more like "Rocks fall, you die." The combat just feels...stiffer, and circle-strafing or parrying enemies not as natural. It's not a BAD game, though, Just more frustrating than a Souls game or Salt and Sanctuary


It's...It's not a bad game. Quite the opposite. It's very good. I just...don't find it clicking with myself. Usually, I like games about stealth and tactics and using the environment (Mark of the Ninja, for example). But this. just doesn't click. And for no reason. The mechanics are good. The gameplay is fun. The sound is good. The graphics are good. The controls are good. I isn't clicking. It's the kind of cyberpunk stealth game I should love, but...yeah. This is one I'll return to another time to give it another shot. 

Hell Yeah!

On the one hand, the platforming and combat aren't terrible, but on the other hand, the platforming and combat are merely competent. The sound is pretty terrible. Graphics I can't hate on them too much. The humor, though, gets really meme-y and forced very quickly. Also, RELATABLE villainous protagonists are one thing. But unrelatable protagonists that try way too hard to be funny? meh.