Sunday, April 24, 2016

Worm Fodder: Sean Felair

Sean is another character who didn't live as long as he deserved. It's the problem with collaborative games--no matter how invested you are in a character, if the other players (or the GM) decide that they don't want to continue... Well, the effort you put in is gone. Of course, the reward is worth it. But sometimes it's still discouraging. At any rate. 

NAME: Sean Felair

SYSTEM: D20 Homebrew

LIFESPAN: One session

ABOUT: Sean was a joint creation between myself and the GM. At one point in his life, he was a high-ranking government official, But greed got the best of him and he began selling state secrets. Until he was betrayed. At which point, "Escaping the city through the sewers, you set off to Archmouth with only two pennies in your pocket, desperate to salvage your life. That was five years ago. You have made some progress. You had two pennies. Now you have seven."

NOTABLE FEATS: Sean wound up indentured to a very angry dwarf commander; tried to rob said dwarf; stormed a giant walking statue; dueled a shape-shifting mage; shut down the walking statue via jamming gubbins in gears; was killed by the statue's sudden deceleration and thunderous collapse. 

CAUSE OF DEATH: Game--Gravity; Reality--Time constraints.