Saturday, May 7, 2016

Backlog Blitz: Genesis, Week One, "Another World? Another Failure."

Why do I hate myself? Beats me. All I know is two things. One: It has been an awful week. Two: Because of said awful week, only three games from the Sega Genesis. Let's hope that the Genesis is a better than its predecessor, the Master System, which had a dearth of good games.


Look, every version of Aladdin was pretty dang good. This is no exception. Music, graphics, controls, gameplay, all excellent.

Alisia Dragoon

I'm not really sure what this is other than an abortion of a sidescrolling shmup with a large-bosomed girl in a skimpy dress as the protagonist. I'm...Not impressed. By any of it. It controls poorly, isn't pretty, and isn't fun.

Another World

No. I am never playing this game again. Stupid one-hit kill enemies, "logic" puzzles that require hours of trial and error to figure out, atrocious graphics, this game is the opposite of fun.