Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cool Stuff Sunday: "Dark Souls III and Other Less Important Things"

So I achieved 100% completion of Dark Souls III about twenty minutes ago. While I'm still riding the high, let's talk about cool stuff on the internet.

The average web page is now larger than Doom.

Heavy metal t-shirts for inoffensive pop stars are hilarious.

Dark Souls III is going to be the last game in the series. :(

Want to troll some low-level players? Of course you do!

Pokemon Go beta gameplay footage has surfaced. Looks...good?

As much as I love Dark Souls III, it has some flaws. Including hackers on PC. Beware.

An interesting uniform detail on a First Order trooper.

This poor guy was really struggling to figure out how to progress in Dark Souls III...

Imperial Star Destroyers? Awesome. Out of Lego? Awesomer. Gigantic? Awesomist!

Quickstep is OP.

Need some weird/random titles for in-game texts? Here you go.