Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wandery Wednesday: "Under"

I feel sub-optimal. This is alright. I've made it longer than usual without getting horribly ill. It's all I can ask for, I suppose. Learned a lot of cool things this week, out of necessity: DNS and DHCP and some random AD stuff. What do those terms mean? I barely know myself! But I know how to make a DNS A entry now, and I didn't this morning. I know how to check a DHCP server to find a specific device by MAC address, and I didn't this morning. I know more about AD than I ever wanted to know. All of that is good. Personal growth is good. It's also very stressful and tiring and now I pretty much just want to play old video games and go to sleep. Whee. One day at a time. One week at a time. And so on ad nauseum. 

Anyway. I hear that DOOM is quite good and I hear that Overwatch is quite good and I really want to play Dark Souls 3 more but I also have Salt and Sanctuary and books and all sorts of stuff. Ordered the first volume of Rat Queens and it looks amazing. Should probably read a bit more. Falling behind on that front. Finished Dan Carlin's "Blueprint for Armageddon" series the other night and that was siiiiiiiiick. WWI was terrible, y'all. 

Time to play games. Peace and love, love and peace.