Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cool Stuff Sunday: "Memorandum"

Happy Memorial Day, those of you who dwell in los Estados Unidos de America. Or however you say that. Soy no hablo espanol muy bueno. Anyway. Cool stuff on the internet. Let's have at it!

Batman: Return To Arkham's quite possibly the worst remaster I have ever seen.

All of Star Wars: A New Hope in one very long picture.

Kurt Vonnegut was very real.

This Ponder playset from Magic: The Gathering is siiiiick.

Now I want to bind a book. It looks cool.

So. List of things Chris Kyle lied about: Fighting Jesse Ventura, shooting looters during Hurricane Katrina, his kill count and commendations.


Don't forget the banana.

Yet another great Dark Souls fan comic.

History is meaningless on the internet.

1080p Star Wars Celebration poster. Aw yeah.

At this point, Windows 10 has tried to install itself on my computer at least seven times. Not cool.

Dark Souls III poster! AW YEA. Buy it here.

Some siiiiiick swordswoman tarot cards.