Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cool Stuff Sunday: "Star Wars. And Some Other Stuff, I Guess."

I am writing this while asleep. Metaphorically. Literally. Wishfully. Something. Whatever. I should try automatic writing. Just put a pen in my hand and go to sleep. Wake up wondering why there's ink in my ear. 

Daisy Ridley has insider info about Star Wars: Episode VIII!

This dude's Starkiller cosplay is...killer. 

How to make your own lightsaber for cheap. 

These Star Wars posters are great. The first appearance of a Star Destroyer in every movie. 

Mark Hamill is vicious

The Knights of Ren are cool and I hope they're still cool when the movie is over. 

Apparently Deadpool is getting an X-rated cut. Apparently. 

Literary criticism of the Mr. Men books is a thing now, I guess? 

I always said Dark Souls was a Gothic series, and Miyazaki himself using Gothic/Romantic terminology to discuss the series only further proves I'm totes right. Seriously. "Sublime" is a key word for Romanticism and its Gothic offshoot. 

You can make music using only Windows XP and Winows 98 sounds. Why? No idea. 

I'm pretty sure Keanu Reeves is actually just John Wick in real life

Pirate skeletons under a school? Probably a sign you've got ghosts. 

Want to read about Celtic treasures? HERE

Is the next Battlefield game going to be set in World War I? Let's hope so