Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wandery Wednesday: "Computadora"

I'm trying to figure out a conundrum. Inside my computer, I have a 500 gig SSD, a 1 terabyte HDD, and 2 terabyte HDD for backups. Outside my computer, I have two 5 terabyte HDDs, a 250 gig HDD, and a 500 gig HDD. The 5 terabyte HDDs contain a (duplicated) massive music, movie, and TV library. I wish to make them more redundant, because currently the slightest clicking noise from one of them and I tense up, fearing the worst. 

It is, to say the least, an interesting conundrum. I could, in theory, transfer all the media to the internal drives, then set up the 5 terabyte external drives in RAID 1. But, that would take a ridiculously long time. Longer than I care to spend. 

I guess I could just stop worrying and learn to love the possibility of data loss. It's not like it's anything important. Just media. That's pretty minor in the grand scale of things. Still. It's a conundrum that intrigues me and I want to spend some time figuring it out.