Saturday, March 19, 2016

Worm Fodder: "Aloysius the Sane"

Aloysius may or may not have been designed while I was watching Berserk. Why else would I design a heavily-armed man with a massive sword? The fact that he was a religious fanatic was just icing on the cake that was "Guts Hueg." Sadly, this campaign was short-lived, but I would love to revisit his character, since I rarely play stoic military types. (Usually I end up playing garrulous high-INT sorts). 

NAME: Aloysius "The Sane" Abascal

SETTING: Pathfinder

LIFESPAN: Uncertain

ABOUT: A member of an elite inquisition cadre sent to root out heresy. His companions were Miguel the Vestal, Kaya the Bloody,  Dunstan the Crippler, and Gareth the Wise. Aloysius was obsessed with distinguishing himself from his mad cultist father, Aloysius the Demented. 

NOTABLE FEATS: Bashing a spinosaurus into submission while on a river-boat. 

CAUSE OF DEATH: Probably killed by some unspeakable Outer Being while hunting cultists.