Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cool Stuff Sunday: "Concept Art and Rifles?"

Woo! SUNDAY! I'm not on call, so guess what? I'm going to write and play video games! Because the apartment doesn't have to be cleaned more than once every few months, right? (I joke. I clean weekly because that's gross). Anywhoooooo... COOL STUFF! Also I saw Deadpool last night. It was Deadpool

Someone has completed Dark Souls without getting hit. That's...dedication. (Someone help the poor guy...) 

George Miller talks about Mad Max: Fury Road

The new Star Wars comics are great. (No major spoilers in link, but it's scans from a comic). 

Some lost J.R.R. Tolkien poems have been found

The making of Deadpool's suit. 

Every 90's commercial ever

I want an FG-42 German Paratrooper rifle. Buy me one. 

Punctuation in novels is weird

Youtube needs to fix its broken fair use/DMCA takedown system. Seriously

Don't ever ask hackers to hack you

Concept art for The Force Awakens implies it could have been a darker movie... 

Learn science from Dr. Dinosaur! 

Dark Souls III wallpapers for you. 

MORE Star Wars concept art!

So...Slashy Souls is a thing. Not sure how to feel about it.