Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Worm Fodder: Blue Saul

I love Blue Saul. In fairness, I love most of the characters I play. But Blue Saul... Look, playing a hobbit--excuse me, halfling--with larger-than-life appetites and an atrocious Scottish/Irish brogue is glorious. Seriously. One of our other players is Scottish, and watching the pain on his face when I spoke in character was half of the fun.

NAME: "Blue" Saul Chelet

SYSTEM: Dungeon Crawl Classics

LIFESPAN: Oneshot and beyond.

ABOUT: Blue Saul was a halfling dyer who primarily worked with blue dyes. This resulted in his hands and forearms turning a lovely shade of blue, as well as his name. When he was a boy he wanted to be a wizard, but halflings have no magical aptitude. So he put his dreams on hold. Then his wife left him and took the kids. So he wandered about in search of solace, until he found the rest of the party.

NOTABLE FEATS: Convincing a bank manager that he and the rest of the party were an investigatory team sent after a rash of mysterious break-in attempts; despite his lack of magical ability, proved quite skilled at examining/investigating anything magical or supernatural; angering an elf tailor, as is tradition; leaving a town to be destroyed by a cataclysmic battle between a dragon and a demon, intimidating orc woman at his side.

CAUSE OF DEATH: Unless the orc woman killed him, he's living happily ever after.