Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Worm Fodder: The Right Reverend Bhagwhan Rhaneesh

Ah, the Right Reverend. He was... Interesting. You'd think a charlatan like him would have been better at pretending to be a religious figure. But he wasn't. Instead he was very clearly a sleazeball. And so much fun to play. (Also, I'm skipping Aloysius the Sane for now since he is--technically--still an active character). 

NAME: The Right Reverend Bhagwhan Rhaneesh


ABOUT: A charlatan who, while pretending to be a Reverend of the Path of the Golden Rays, accidentally made a pact with the King In Yellow, an Outer Being with decidedly devious leanings. This turned him from a common charlatan into a warlock-posing-as-preacher. He possessed a terrible, unfounded hatred of dwarves. (When your life revolves around conning people out of their money, a race of Scottish misers is a nightmare). 

GREATEST FEATS: Surviving as long as he did in a party half-filled with dwarves; managing to keep his warlock class hidden for a surprisingly long time despite casting "agonizing blast" repeatedly; causing multiple civilian casualties after casting an illusion which made a massive fire appear to have been quenched; surviving a zombie outbreak (which he helped start) and orc warband; being half-eaten by a door mimic; being slowly team-killed across multiple sessions due to "accidents" triggered by anti-dwarf racism. 

CAUSE OF DEATH: Stumbled into river canyon and drowned after being tripped by the dwarf paladin.