Monday, February 15, 2016

Worm Fodder: Barnabras Kollens

Yes, he is named after Barnabras Collins. Yes, it was intentional. Yes, he definitely failed to live up to his namesake. He's a character I played. You shouldn't be surprised.

NAME: Barnabras Kollens

SYSTEM: Dungeon Crawl Classics


ABOUT: An undertaker obsessed with romanticizing death. In a modern world, he would have been a Goth. Very cultured, but also completely out of touch with societal norms. 

NOTABLE FEATS: Accidentally resurrecting a zombie girl; convincing a seamstress to make fancy clothes for himself and the zombie; participating in the investigation of a bank break-in; marrying the zombie in a parody of Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride, accidentally unleashing the demon trapped beneath the church; being vaporized along with his zombie bride. 

CAUSE OF DEATH: Probably the emerging demon trapped under the church, it wasn't clear.