Saturday, February 6, 2016

Backlog Blitz: SNES, Week Sixteen, "Secret of the Street-Fighting Samurai Star"

Nope. Not a good batch of games this week. Not at all. At least not on the Super Nintendo front. Ask me about DarkMaus instead! That's a good (if overly-hard) top-down action RPG that is suspiciously similar to Dark Souls. Hmmmm...

Samurai Shodown

Yeah, this is terrible. It’s like a weird Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat ripoff, only the characters are mostly Japanese, the combat is bad, the controls are bad, the movement is bad, the music is generic… Me no likey. It just feels stiff, clunky, bad.

Secret of Evermore

Back to the Future, this ain’t. It’s no Chrono Trigger, it’s no Link to the Past… It’s just kind of a mediocre top-down action RPG with some time-travel elements. I’m not a fan.

Secret of Mana

So this basically uses a lot of the same mechanics as Secret of Evermore, only slightly less bad. Still, though. Who in their right mind designs an action RPG and says “Gosh, I think that having the player immobilized for 20 seconds every time they take a moderate amount of damage is a good idea.” The graphics are decent, the sound is decent, the controls are decent, but that fundamental decision about combat kind of ruins things. Also, it just doesn't control as well as Link to the Past.


Ah, man. Look, this game… StarFox 64 was one of my favorite games as a kid, and I have a lot of love even for Assault and Adventures. But… Look. OG StarFox was inventive. It was a game that pushed the limits of the Super Nintendo. And I respect it for that. But…the graphics are atrocious. So bad that it’s hard to tell what’s what. The controls are fine. The music is fine. The gameplay is fine. But this game’s graphics do not hold up. At all. And it detracts so much from the game.

Super Street Fighter 2 (Turbo, Alpha, Etc)

Um. It’s Street Fighter? I don’t know what else to say. I mean, I’m not a fan but I know it’s objectively a good game.