Saturday, February 13, 2016

Worm Fodder: Aengus Fanaiochtla

Aengus was a great character. Shame I didn't get to play him longer. He was only a oneshot character, though. The oneshot's premise and setting was great, but no continuations have come to fruition. Alas. Might-have-beens aren't worth weeping about. Except for Elise. COME BACK, ELISE! Ahem.

NAME: Aengus Fanaiochtla



ABOUT: Government scribe with delusions of poetic grandeur. Assigned to a supernatural-investigation task force. Speaker with the dead.

NOTABLE FEATS: Helping cover up the death of the local mayor, which was caused by another member of the investigation task force; investigating a series of supernatural deaths; speaking with several corpses; surviving an attack by a separate investigation party; helping unleash an extraplanar monster; cutting off an elf's fingers to help banish the extraplanar monster.

CAUSE OF DEATH: Shot by a fellow investigator who blamed him for the monster's escape.