Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Worm Fodder: Quincy Sweetleaf

Ah, Quincy Sweetleaf. By far one of my favorite characters to play as. If I felt like goofing off, I had him partake in some opium. If I felt like playing the hero, I had him abstain. If we needed some comic relief, in came the perennially-renamed manservant. He did a little bit of everything, if not well. (Seriously, his contributions to combat were...limited. Blackpowder guns are not all that great... But I wanted a Colonial British "Great White Hunter" style feel to him, so... Guns it was.)

NAME: Quincy Sweetleaf

SYSTEM: D&D 3.5e

LIFESPAN: 10+ sessions, and into the sunset.

ABOUT: A moderately-wealthy half-elf urban ranger with severe parental abandonment issues, an opium addiction, racial superiority complex, and an invisible manservant named "Geoffrey," "Luke," "Nibblesworth," "Jeeves," "Nigel," "Alfred," and many many more. 

NOTABLE FEATS: Quitting opium during a fever dream involving melting goblins and an ace of spades; facing down a mechanical dragon; surviving the Great Yellow Flood of '78; instigating the overthrow of an elven racial purity program (if only because he didn't think it went far enough...); joining a resistance movement against an expansionist king; learning societal norms; helping save the universe, I guess.

CAUSE OF DEATH: Survived campaign, although he probably died in a bar fight after implying elves were superior one too many times.