Friday, February 5, 2016

Last Month's Movies: "Someone Else?"

Thank goodness I pre-write these. Some nights I get home and can barely stay awake long enough to write the intro and copy-paste the review. Tonight is one of those nights... On an unrelated note, I really want to buy a PS4, and though I have the money for it, still feel guilty about even considering it. Very torn.

Cross of Iron

There aren't a lot of WWII movies from the German perspective. This is one of them, and it's very very good. In part, because it takes place on the Ostfront, away from the whole Holocaust business. But also because it humanizes the common soldiers without excusing some of the awful things they did to the Russians. Some war movies feel detached, unrealistic, almost propagandist. Cross of Iron does not. It's an ugly film, but ugly in a sobering sort of way.


Look, Looper got high praise from all sorts of people. I thought it was pretty good. This particular version of time-travel wasn't one I'd seen before, the future was a bit different than a lot of versions, the story was solid... There's not a lot I can say that others haven't. I enjoyed it, but didn't quite get the hype some people had for it.

Working!! (Wagnaria!!)

A really cute, sweet, good-hearted anime about a bunch of employees at a diner. It’s basically a comedy-drama with a slight supernatural element. It’s not some deep emotional journey, but it’s...touching. It’s cute and funny and sometimes I like stuff like that, okay? (Oh, and unlike some anime, doesn't rely heavily on cheesecake and fanservice. Thankfully).

The Prestige

For a movie that isn't really traditionally Gothic, this movie is INCREDIBLY Gothic. Yeah, sure, it's about feuding magicians. But there's something in the lighting, the sets, the characterization, the camerawork, that make it all feel very twisty and unsettling. The story? Eh. It's very elaborate, and I was really unsure how it was all going to wrap up. The ending almost felt like a cop-out. But at the same time, the story almost feels more like a device to pull you in, make you feel uneasy, and say "Look at what we show you next!" In retrospect, mildly disappointing as a whole, but for atmosphere and one-time enjoyment, pretty good.